IoT Services | How I Launched a 6-Figure Iot Managed Service Business in 2-Weeks Using a Plug-And-Play Iot Solution for Restaurants and Hospitals – Guest: Walter Silin, an Azure developer in Denver, CO

Episode 7:

Anyone Can Break into the IoT Market

Have you wanted to get into the $500B IoT managed service market, but thought there would be too many things to learn or that you had to get “certified” before you could sell your first IoT service?

In this episode of IoT Playbook, I interview Walter Silin, a Denver-based Azure developer, who went from zero IoT expertise to selling his first IoT deal to a restaurant chain in less than two weeks.

On top of that, his client was able to install the equipment themselves. And Walter has only had one support call from the client in 6-months, which turned out to be a dead battery in one of the IoT sensors.

Head on over to, where I’ll show you the actual Playbooks, IoT managed service providers are using to make 6, 7-figures or more of recurring revenue right now.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Walter discovered the IoT service he sells
  • How Walter sold his first deal
  • How Walter has gone on to sell breweries and healthcare facilities with the same cold storage monitoring solution
  • The JCAHO regulation that requires healthcare facilities to maintain continual temperature logs for any cold storage
  • How you can help healthcare companies solve that problem with an automated IoT plug & play solution
  • How Walter leverages his Azure development skills to build custom dashboards for his IoT customers

IoT is for Those Who See the Opportunity

When Walter Silin came across Brian Bielawski’s booth at the Ingram Micro Services Tradeshow, he was blown away by the IoT mousetrap Brian had on display. It represented the power of IoT and its ability to transform tedious manual processes into highly efficient technological systems. Walter was inspired by the vast list of products and solutions that Brian offered, and he left the show with a new partnership and an IoT service that was ready to go to market.

Find an IoT Solution That Inspires You

You cannot effectively sell something if you don’t believe in its value, which is why Brian turned out to be the perfect partner. He helped Walter sift through the different IoT services, understand them, and pick one that presented the greatest opportunity. For Walter, it was a temperature monitoring solution. It tracks the performance of commercial refrigeration units to make sure they are meeting the requirements for regular testing—a task that is normally performed manually in every facility and required by the JHACO regulation.

IoT Services Can Sell Themselves

His first sale was a slam dunk even though Walter had no depth of technical knowledge for the IoT services he was selling. Walter teamed up with a technical expert who could answer product-specific questions and pitched a restaurant franchise without setting foot in their headquarters. Walter sent them five devices and a gateway and the solution sold itself less than two weeks from when he started. A lot of people questioned Walter’s decision to go into IoT, but he was motivated by the opportunity to come up with more efficient solutions, and that’s all it took. This is not a one-time project—it is recurring revenue with opportunities everywhere. Go get a piece of the pie.

About Walter Silin and Brian Bielawski

Walter Silin is the Founder and CEO of The Bauen Group, one of the fastest-growing Microsoft partners in the country. In just a few short years The Bauen Group has become a Gold Partner with Microsoft, specializing in application development and modernization in the Azure cloud. Under Walter’s leadership, The Bauen Group has aggressively pursued new technologies in data, dashboards, containerization, and AI that help businesses become more efficient and take full advantage of the cloud. Most recently he has applied these skills in the IoT space with enhanced monitoring, alerts, and dashboards to create additional value for these products.

Brian Bielawski oversees business development for the Americas for myDevices, an IoT solutions company. He is responsible for managing strategic partnerships contributing to the expansion of the myDevices platform with a focus on building a global distribution and reseller network for IoT in a Box™ – plug-and-play solutions, created for multiple use cases in verticals such as hospitality, healthcare, food services and more. Previously, he was the Co-Founder and CEO of GamerCon, a non-profit event-based
organization in the gaming industry.

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