Welcome to the IoT Playbook Podcast, with Mark Smith

Episode 1:


Mark Smith is the host of IoT Playbook, the video podcast that shows you how to create and launch a profitable IoT Managed Service business. Mark is a serial entrepreneur and has created several 7-figure and one 9-figure technology business.

What You Will Learn:

  • The massive opportunity that MSPs have in the multi-billion dollar IoT managed services space
  • How IoT vendors who want to build an IoT-ready channel can sell their solutions
  • Why this podcast will open the door to significant streams of revenue
  • Mark’s background in the IT industry
  • The transformational nature of the IoT and Managed Services market
  • What we will be discussing in future episodes

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Welcome to the IoT Playbook Podcast

The IT industry is experiencing the greatest digital transformation it has ever seen. And before the dust settles, the IoT (Internet of Things) and Managed Services market will be hovering around the $500B mark. If you are an IT services provider, you should be fighting for a piece of that. So, I designed a show for MSPs seeking new opportunities in the IoT and Managed Services space. And for IoT vendors who want to build an IoT ready channel that can sell their solutions.

As a software developer, IT director, and the founder of Windows NT Magazine, I have spent twenty-five years in the IT industry; I have seen plenty of trends cycle in and out. However, IoT, AI, and intelligent edge computing have found new homes in the commercial space. And the service providers are making millions of dollars.

I am bringing those MSP and IoT pioneers directly to you, providing access to all of the tools and solutions that have made them successful. Learn how they designed their strategies, business models, and technology stacks. Find out how they achieved success in a variety of different verticals from agribusiness to medical. A lot of you may think that there are a limited number of success stories in this field or that you are limited by technical abilities and resources. Neither of those assumptions is true, so find out how you can start taking advantage of the booming IoT and Managed Services market today.

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