How Matsui Uses Smart Greenhouses to Increase Revenue

Episode 27:

How Matsui Uses Smart Greenhouses to Increase Revenue

In this episode, Luis Alvarez shares a case study about his client, Matsui Nursery, the worlds largest orchid grower.   Luis provides the overview of the IoT solution and platform, then goes behind the scenes to talk about the KMC Controls intelligent edge device (based on Dell computers) that controls all of the IoT sensors.

This same architecture could be used on any smart building project.

About Luis Alvarez

In less than a decade, Luis Alvarez has grown the Alvarez Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) from a small two-person consultancy to the premier information technology (IT) solutions provider on the California Central Coast, delivering IT services to more than 200 companies throughout the state. A visionary who never shies away from exploring exciting new technologies that might give his clients a competitive advantage, Luis specializes in working with executives and managers of small- and mid-sized businesses, sharing his expertise by advising them on trends, analyzing their systems for improved performance and planning how IT can help achieve their business goals.

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