Smart Building Technology | How to Create a Wind-Powered Hospital – Guest: Taylor Clark

Episode 10:

A Wind-powered Hospital? Yeah…Right

Taylor Clark, a frequent guest on IoT Playbook podcast, has done more smart city and smart building projects than anyone I know. But when Taylor sent me an email saying that he got an Atlanta hospital completely off the electric grid and powered by wind, I was still skeptical.

“A wind-powered hospital? That’s impossible,” I thought. But after we recorded this episode, I was a believer. His solution really works and you’ve got to see it to believe it. In this episode of IoT Playbook, Taylor shows everything; the business model, the pricing, and a behind-the-scenes look at this cutting edge smart building technology. Head on over to and check out this amazing episode. I guarantee it will blow you away.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Taylor pitched his smart building technology to a hospital
  • How wind power technology works
  • Who Taylor made touchpoints with throughout the sales cycle
  • The cost-savings of Taylor’s wind power IoT solution
  • How Taylor’s technology is implemented and maintained
  • The business model, pricing, and cutting-edge technology Taylor is selling

Wind-Powered Hospital – Innovative Smart Building Technology

It is critical for hospitals to stay on the cutting edge of technology so they can provide the highest level of service; smart building technology plays a major role. Taylor Clark just wrapped up a project that will take a hospital entirely off-grid using wind power alone. He joins IoT Playbook again to talk about his latest project in-depth and continue the conversation about IoTMSP solutions and smart building technology. Taylor explains the business model, the pricing, and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at this cutting edge technology.

Significant Cost Savings

Initially, the hospital reached out to Taylor for information about solar power because they were planning to retrofit their facilities with smart building technology. The project would require substantially more power, so Taylor steered them toward wind power, which would cost ⅓ of the price. Once he reached the right decision-makers, Taylor walked them through the smart building technology, implementation, and the cost savings showing a complete ROI in approximately five years. The average savings for the following twenty-five years would be roughly $25M, so it was a compelling pitch at the very least.

Broaden the Playing Field

This type of smart building technology enables you to monitor the energy and functionality of every component, so maintenance is extremely minimal. There is a six-month lead time before the new wind wall is up and running, and the whole project is carried out with an as-a-service model. Based on the smart building technology design, mid-high rise buildings are ideal candidates because there is significantly more wind to maximize the power output, but anyone who is looking to go green is a prospect if you approach it with the right strategy.

About Taylor Clark

Taylor Clark’s career spans over 25 years in Sales, Finance and Technology. Starting as Assistant Direct of Revenue at White Water responsible for overseeing all revenue-generating verticals within the company. As a Sales Associate for Sprint, Taylor was consistently the highest-ranked sales rep in revenue and quality generating an average of 150% or higher attainment than anyone else and receiving over 30 awards. TIC Ent. he was a gold level authorized partner with AT&T and Nortel and project manager for all network and hardware orders sold by a team of 20.

In 2004, Taylor Clark started an independent Telecommunications Consulting firm with over 45 Tier 1 level carrier agreements across the country. Negotiated a National Dealer agreement with every Bell carrier in the U.S. and ranked in the top 10 of all national authorized dealers in a pool of over 2,500 agencies. Created and managed agent relationships with over 150 companies across the country that referred in 7 figures annually. He formed LED Cents in 2010 offering nationwide all LED Lighting solutions, Lighting and Building Management Control Systems, turnkey installations, acquisition of all available incentives and rebates, accountant services, recycling, and labor and parts warranty service.

CEO/Owner LED Cents, Marietta, Ga. 2010 – Present Taylor founded a LED lighting distributor and installation company for Atlanta, Ga., Houston, Tx., Chicago, Il., and San Diego, Ca. Our patented auditing software and LED technology served clients as small as grocery stores up to nationwide franchises, Fortune companies such as; Boeing and Georgia Pacific, to Major League Stadiums such as; Washington Nationals, Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Padres, and other arenas, Hospitals and more.

CEO/Owner Alternegy, Marietta, Ga. 2012 – Present Taylor Clark founded Alternegy a Sustainability, IoT, and Telecom solutions company. Designing energy and water conservation services for commercial facilities and municipalities with smart controls. Some of the services include; LED Lighting, HVAC, Water Reduction/Reclamation, Cogeneration, Trigeneration, Solar, Facial Recognition, Security, Building Automation, Data Monetization, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Parks and more.

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