How to Build the Perfect IoT Offer

Episode 14:

How to Build the Perfect IoT Offer

After a dozen interviews with successful IoTMSP’s, I noticed the same critical success factors for a high-converting IoT managed service offer.

In this episode of IoT Playbook, I introduce you to the top factor: Regulations.

Every big IoT deal started with a regulation that was a BIG problem for the client and a major opportunity for the IoT.

Inside the episode, you’ll find out about the IoT Regulation Cheat Sheet–a list of regulations and IoT solutions that are selling right now.

I also introduce the IoT Playbook Offer Builder.

The IoT Playbook Offer Builder is a video-based mini-course designed to teach you all of the offer success factors and how IoTMSP’s are actually using those in their specific offers.

You can sign up for the IoT Playbook Offer Builder for free here:

Inside the IoT Playbook Offer Builder, you’ll get:

  • The IoT Regulation Cheat Sheet
  • The key factors for any successful IoT Offer
  • Video case studies from partners succeeding in multiple niche markets
  • Why you should add Cybersecurity Insurance to your offer, even if you’re not an insurance agent
  • How to close big IoT deals by offering as-a-service financing so your prospects can avoid big CAPEX investments
  • How to quickly build your IoT offer prospect list
  • And much more…
You can watch/listen to the IoTMSP Offer success factors episode here:

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