IoT Smart City | How I Sold 8-Figures of IoT Smart City Projects – Guest: Taylor Clark

Episode 8:

An IoT Smart City Platform That Grows With Your Clients

If you’ve heard of Smart Cities, but you’re not sure exactly what they are or how to approach that market opportunity, then you’ll want to listen to this episode of IoT Playbook. My guest, Taylor Clark, has completed more IoT Smart City projects than anyone I know. He has a unique and versatile IoT platform that is dramatically reducing energy costs for his clients.

In this episode, Taylor is going to reveal the secrets behind a successful pitch. So, just head on over to, where I’ll show you the actual Playbooks that IoT managed service providers are using to make 6, 7-figures or more of recurring revenue right now.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to leverage your technical background to win IoT projects
  • How Taylor managed the first built-from-scratch IoT smart city
  • The key problems that smart cities solve and how solving those problems will help you win IoT business in any market
  • The business model that will get your IoT smart city projects approved and funded without years of committee meetings
  • The key decision-makers in a smart city project and why you NEVER want to agree to a proof-of-concept project
  • The key financial partners you need in every big IoT project
  • Why Taylor picked Azure as his strategic IoT platform

IoT Smart City Platforms

Taylor Clark is the CEO and owner of Alternegy, a smart city, smart development, and green energy company that builds a unique IoT platform for commercial properties and municipalities. Alternegy got its start in smart lighting, which opened a new line of business in helping companies cut electricity and utility costs. It snowballed into an opportunity to help construct a thousand-acre IoT smart city south of Atlanta, where Alternegy sourced the partners, found the technology, and researched the solutions. Taylor Clark made his entrance in municipalities and back into the commercial space where he now offers smaller IoT services in smart building.

Show Value and ROI

In smart cities, there are a lot of ways for an IoT platform to provide ROI, but lighting is the most prevalent utility so it is a great place to start. By addressing lighting first, Taylor and his team can reduce power consumption by 40-90%. It enables them to start building the neural brain while showing clients the value of converting. There are a lot of options based on topography, budget, and what the client is looking to accomplish, but the modular nature of Taylor’s IoT smart city platform makes it easier to generate recurring revenue.

Solutions That Grow

If you put the right IoT platform in place and it serves a specific purpose, you can build off of it and ingrain yourself in the client’s operation. Alternegy goes in there, meets the clients’ needs, shows the value and ROI, then explains how they can expand upon their new solution. The beauty of the IoT smart city solution is no matter what you’re using in the background, the dashboard stays the same. So, once you can show them a solution that does what they want and can grow with them, you will be locked in.

About Taylor Clark

Taylor Clark’s career spans over 25 years in Sales, Finance and Technology. Starting as Assistant Direct of Revenue at White Water responsible for overseeing all revenue-generating verticals within the company. As a Sales Associate for Sprint, Taylor was consistently the highest-ranked sales rep in revenue and quality generating an average of 150% or higher attainment than anyone else and receiving over 30 awards. TIC Ent. he was a gold level authorized partner with AT&T and Nortel and project manager for all network and hardware orders sold by a team of 20.

In 2004, Taylor Clark started an independent Telecommunications Consulting firm with over 45 Tier 1 level carrier agreements across the country. Negotiated a National Dealer agreement with every Bell carrier in the U.S. and ranked in the top 10 of all national authorized dealers in a pool of over 2,500 agencies. Created and managed agent relationships with over 150 companies across the country that referred in 7 figures annually. He formed LED Cents in 2010 offering nationwide all LED Lighting solutions, Lighting and Building Management Control Systems, turnkey installations, acquisition of all available incentives and rebates, accountant services, recycling, and labor and parts warranty service.

CEO/Owner LED Cents, Marietta, Ga. 2010 – Present Taylor founded a LED lighting distributor and installation company for Atlanta, Ga., Houston, Tx., Chicago, Il., and San Diego, Ca. Our patented auditing software and LED technology served clients as small as grocery stores up to nationwide franchises, Fortune companies such as; Boeing and Georgia Pacific, to Major League Stadiums such as; Washington Nationals, Atlanta Falcons, San Diego Padres, and other arenas, Hospitals and more.

CEO/Owner Alternegy, Marietta, Ga. 2012 – Present Taylor Clark founded Alternegy a Sustainability, IoT, and Telecom solutions company. Designing energy and water conservation services for commercial facilities and municipalities with smart controls. Some of the services include; LED Lighting, HVAC, Water Reduction/Reclamation, Cogeneration, Trigeneration, Solar, Facial Recognition, Security, Building Automation, Data Monetization, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Parks and more.

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