How to Start Selling an IoT Managed Service From Scratch – Guest: Jack Knocke

Episode 13:

Learn How to Sell Your IoT Managed Service Quickly

Do you want to get in on this multi-billion dollar IoT managed services opportunity, but you’re not sure how to get started? In this episode of IoT Playbook, I discuss options for fulfilling your IoT managed service. Find out what works—even if you are just starting out, you’re not technical, or you don’t have a service department

My guest for this episode is Jack Knocke. As the owner of IoT Advisor group, Jack helps vendors & partners build their channel sales around IoT and connecting solutions. Previously, Jack helped build out the channel partnership program for Verizon and understands how to help channel partners get started quickly selling their IoT managed service.

In this episode, you will discover the pros & cons of building your own IoT support organization and learn how this decision will impact your revenue and profit. So, head on over to so you can get started selling your IoT managed service quickly; even if you’re starting from scratch.

What You Will Learn:

  • The pros & cons of building your own IoT support organization vs. outsourcing everything to a Master Agent
  • How this decision will impact your revenue and profit
  • How to fulfill your IoT managed service—even if you are just starting out, you’re not technical, or you don’t have a service department
  • How to get started in IoT without building new infrastructure
  • Agent-commission model vs. traditional MSP
  • How to navigate the barriers to entry in IoT

IoT Managed Service | Sell Your IoT Managed Service Quickly; Even From Scratch

As the owner of IoT Advisor group, Jack helps vendors find channel partners and build channel programs that are attractive to them. But he was originally in the telecom space where he helped build out the channel partnership program for Verizon. Jack moved into consulting so he could help IT guys do something different with their business models and add revenue. However, he quickly discovered that, in spite of the new technology and new vendors, all of the IoT managed service providers were trying to do the same thing—they wanted to help partners sell new products and services through channels so they could get the most out of their new technologies.

Choose a Business Model That Best Suits You

To have success with your IoT managed service, you don’t necessarily need to be experienced or technically skilled, and you don’t need a service department. Most channel partners come from a variety of different backgrounds. And many of IoT Playbook’s guests are living proof that you can enter the arena without building out entirely new infrastructure. Instead of taking the traditional MSP path where you are the face of the brand and the customer’s direct resource, Jack recommends using an agent-commission model. With an agent-commission model, you are selling a product for a vendor and generating revenue without having to fulfill, bill, or be on-call. The master agent does the legwork while you get paid.

No Barriers to Entry

The beauty of selling an IoT managed service with the agent-commission model is that you are entering a partnership in most cases. There is an orchestra of qualified specialists at your disposal to carry out fulfillment, installation, and management so that you can focus on growing your business. Other partners serve as technical experts so you don’t have to. You just have to be good at selling. So, don’t let any of these barriers to entry deter you from getting your piece of the billion-dollar industry. There are solutions to all of these challenges, and Jack’s story will help you navigate them and choose the right path.

About Jack Knocke

Jack Knocke is the founder and lead consultant for IoT Advisor Group, a consulting company that helps IT Solution Providers (MSPs, VARs, SIs, Agents) effectively build a practice around new technologies including IoT managed service and connected devices. Knocke’s intuitive focus on the partner business model ensures a plan and execution focused on partner strengths and capabilities to build a substantial complementary recurring revenue stream. Knocke also supports Vendors and Distributors as they seek to provide compelling messaging, effective operational processes, productive compensation plans and engaging onboarding to new Solution Providers. As an engaging speaker and a knowledgeable educator, Knocke has hosted numerous MSP workshops providing an interactive opportunity to learn, build relationships, role-play new approaches and build a new sales funnel.

Knocke is a 30-year veteran of the telecom industry. Prior to founding The VAR Advisor and IoT Advisor Group, he spent five years as COO for master agency MicroCorp. Inc., where he automated, streamlined and guided the business through 400 percent growth and facilitated two acquisitions. Previously, he held senior business development and operations positions including InPhonic Inc. (INC Magazine # 1 Fastest-Growing Company, IPO 2004). Before that, Knocke spent 14 years with GTE/Verizon leading new initiatives in Marketing, New Product Development, Systems Integration, Product Fulfillment, and Finance.

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