IoT Devices | How to Stand Out and ‘Own’ Your IoT Solutions – Guests: Andy Do and Brent Germain

Episode 17:

IoT = I Own This

“I Own This”—That’s my new definition for IoT and one I “borrowed” from my guest, Andy Do, on this episode of IoT Playbook. I know IoT stands for Internet of Things, but once you start working on a big enough problem for your clients using IoT devices you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

This is the attitude of any successful IoT managed service provider who serves as the chief architect of integrated solutions for their clients’ problems. If you find yourself in this position, the good news is you’re not alone. You can quickly assemble a team of experts to help you architect the solution.

My guests on this week’s episode of IoT Playbook are Andy Do, an IoTMSP who owns along with his partner, Brent Germain, the director of IoT business development for Synnex, a global IT distributor. So, if you’re interested in launching an IoT managed service, then check out this episode at, where you will learn how to assemble a team of IoT experts to help you launch your own IoT business.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why “indoor tracking” is one of the hottest untapped opportunities in 2020
  • How TrackingforLess, Synnex, and Microsoft partnered together to retrofit the City of Houston’s 1200 buses & trains with free, safe public wifi
  • How TrackingforLess and Synnex have created an IoT plug & play solution for the new 2020 Hotel safety worker regulation—a business opportunity you could take advantage right now
  • How Andy Do pivoted from manufacturing IoT devices to building full-blown IoT solutions
  • Examples and playbooks of new projects Andy and Brent have been working on

IoT Devices | Own Your Solutions

Andy Do started in the IoT industry fifteen years ago as a components manufacturer. But as the industry evolved, Andy’s company shifted to a solutions-oriented business model by adding every part of the IoT trifecta (hardware, connectivity, and platform) to their repertoire. As the president of and Sensor-Works, Andy’s niche is tracking and sensors, but with a channel partner like Brent Germain, Andy’s devices make their way into a wide variety of different IoT solutions across the globe. Brent is a senior manager of IoT development at Synnex who operates with the notion that IoT takes a village. He works with vendors like Andy to figure out which IoT devices fit together so they can build unique IoT solutions and take them to market.

“I Own This”

IoT has been a buzz word for decades now, but recently, it has exploded in popularity. However, with so many IoT devices and solutions saturating the market, it can be extremely difficult to stand out amongst the competition. If you want to get a piece of the market, it’s not good enough to sell a part, activate a line, or sell someone else’s software. You have to own the solution, which means working with great channel partners like Synnex to compile tons of different technologies into epic offerings—then go sell them. It is a massive opportunity if your business can handle the cultural shift. Plus, the service model tied to it means additional recurring revenue on top of the solutions you sell.

Sensor Playbook

Indoor spaces are obviously not mapped out on GPS…yet. But a new project by Sensor-Works and Synnex is using sensor-based IoT devices to make this a reality. Andy Do and Brent Germain were approached by a large international airport that wants to use this technology to track their luggage carts throughout the facility. They are installing Bluetooth beacons throughout the airport, Bluetooth and LoRa on the luggage carts, and a cloud tied to a cellular router. That is just one example of an IoT solution that combines three different technologies to get the job done, and we haven’t even scratched the surface.

About Andy Do

Andy Do started in the IoT industry fifteen years ago as a components manufacturer and now he is the president of and Sensor-Works. Andy is also an electrical engineering and music graduate from Santa Clara University.

About Brent Germain

Senior BDM for IoT Solutions at SYNNEX

SYNNEX as Hybrid IT Distribution – injecting specialization and services into scalable sales operations!
SYNNEX on IoT – SYNNEX as Solutions Aggregator/General Contractor, pulling together all of the pieces for end-to-end IoT solutions and services!

10 Years in Technology

1 Year as Senior BDM in IoT Solutions at SYNNEX
4 Years as BDM in Security & Networking at SYNNEX
2 Years as Account Executive for IT Reseller
3 Years as Dell Solutions Specialist

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