How AV, facilities and cotton gins doubled Corey’s MSP business

Episode 24:

In this episode of IoT Playbook, I interview Corey Kirkendoll, who was recently featured on the cover of ChannelPro magazine.

Corey is an MSP in Dallas, TX who helps churches and cotton farmers with their IT needs, but also, has been helping them achieve amazing results by incorporating IoT into his managed service offerings.

By working with mega-churches (over 1,000 attendees), Corey has seen the merging of facilities management, physical security and A/V into his managed IT business.

This means EVERYTHING that touches the network is a managed service opportunity.

Energy-as-a-service, AV-as-a-service, video surveillance as-a-service, and more.

You’ll also hear how Corey uses IoT to help his agriculture clients, including improving the yields on cotton gins. And by helping increase yields, Corey helps them increase their revenues, which means his revenue is increasing as well.

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