EP28 – How to 10x the Value of Your Business

Episode 28:

In this episode, Mark Smith and his CleanConnect.ai co-founder, David Conley, share their story about building a new AI-software started that serves the oil & gas industry.

They share the 7-Steps to 10x the valuation of your business.

So, if you own an IT company (i.e. MSP, MSSP, etc.) and you want to learn how to 10x the value of your company, then this episode is for you.

The 7 Steps to 10x the Value of Your Business

  1. IT partner with OT.  For example, I partnered with an oil & gas services company that specialized in oil & gas operational technology (OT).
  2. Find a BIG problem to solve, hopefully regulatory.
  3. Hire an AI machine model development company
  4. Use the OT company’s existing customers to do a proof of concept (POC)
  5. Do a marketing webinar with a key vendor/player in your chosen market (Example: CleanConnect.ai & FLIR webinar)
  6. Follow-up on the leads to win early adopters
  7. Build a channel to expand beyond your OT partner’s territory


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