Cybersecurity Solutions | How You Can Make Money Offering IoT Security – Guest: Josh Liberman

Episode 16:

Secure Your Clients’ IoT Devices

Most of your clients and prospects already have IoT in their businesses—unfortunately, about 80% of it is unsecure. Since many businesses have not secured their IoT, hackers are able to breach their clients’ networks through their IoT devices. That is why it is critical to provide cybersecurity solutions that take IoT into account.

In this episode, Josh Liberman, the President of Net Sciences, joins IoT Playbook to dive further into the topic of IoT security. Net Sciences is an MSSP in New Mexico that specializes in securing networks and IoT devices using Nodeware, an IoT security software tool. IoT Playbook also interviews the team at Nodeware to uncover more helpful tips for securing your clients’ IoT devices.

Head on over to, where you can learn about IoT security from a channel partner and software company that specializes in IoT security.

What You Will Learn:

  • Josh Liberman’s role in Net Sciences and what they do
  • Why IoT devices create so many vulnerabilities in your clients’ networks
  • How to use software tools like Nodeware to secure your clients’ networks
  • What Josh offers in his cybersecurity solutions bundle
  • How Josh works with Nodeware as a channel partner

Cybersecurity Solutions | Secure Your Clients’ IoT Devices

If you’re providing cybersecurity solutions to your clients but their IoT is not secure, they are still extremely vulnerable to breaches and other cyber threats. Part of the reason for this is because remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools perform scans that don’t pick up IoT devices, so the unsecured devices are ignored. As the President of Net Sciences, Josh Liberman has put a lot of time into mitigating these risks so he can provide the highest level of protection to his clients. Nodeware is an IoT security software tool that he uses to secure IoT devices and enable them to conduct business uninterrupted.


For channel partners and IoT vendors, the booming growth of IoT is a great thing. But that only rings true if we are able to maintain a handle on the mounting number of threats that come with it. Most IoT devices are unsecured out of the box, and they remain unsecured even when they are updatable. As a result, Josh and his team have been looking for ways to better segment IoT devices and generate awareness as they increase in number. They converged on Nodeware as a means of better checking their own work in order to identify vulnerabilities, deprecated protocols, and anything else they might have missed on a job.

User-Friendly IoT Security

The creators of Nodeware constantly find devices on their clients’ networks that expose them to vulnerabilities whether they know it or not. But now, the solutions are less bulky and more cost-effective. They offer asset identification in real-time through a single dashboard and you don’t need a Ph.D. to use it. That is critical as IoT devices become more accessible to small business owners. IoT is currently both a problem and a solution for many small and mid-sized businesses across the globe. But effective cybersecurity solutions will help you identify their vulnerabilities so proper measures can be taken to mitigate the risk.

About Josh Liberman

Joshua Liberman has been working in IT since the early days, starting by assembling an IBM PC XT in Bakersfield, California in 1982. He worked in the 80s in various technical writing, editing and later, minicomputer management positions around the US, finally making it to the PC side in 1988. His personal interests include mountaineering, martial arts, writing, and event and travel photography. He holds a Philosophy degree, speaks five languages, travels extensively and raises Siberian Huskies with his wonderful wife, Heidi.

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