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Podcast Episodes

Episode 28: EP28 – How to 10x the Value of Your Business

In this episode, Mark Smith and his co-founder, David Conley, share their story about building a new AI-software started that serves the oil & gas industry. They share the 7-Steps to 10x the valuation of your business. So, if you own an IT company (i.e. MSP, MSSP, etc.) and you want to learn how…

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Episode 27: How Matsui Uses Smart Greenhouses to Increase Revenue

How Matsui Uses Smart Greenhouses to Increase Revenue In this episode, Luis Alvarez shares a case study about his client, Matsui Nursery, the worlds largest orchid grower.   Luis provides the overview of the IoT solution and platform, then goes behind the scenes to talk about the KMC Controls intelligent edge device (based on Dell computers)…

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Episode 26: The Best IoT Opportunities for MSPs Right Now

The Best IoT Opportunities for MSP’s Right Now In this episode, Colin Blair, VP of Specialized Solutions for TechData, shares his unique perspective based on talking to hundreds of partners about what is selling right now! Here’s what Colin discusses: There is going to be a BIG recovery in Q1-2021 Packaged COVID recovery solutions Tele-Health…

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Episode 23: How MSP’s Can Help Clients During the COVID-Crisis

Virtual Workforce: What You Will Learn: How the virtual workforce is being shaped by the pandemic How Luis is helping his clients make the transition to working from home without compromising his managed security service stack The products and processes Luis is using to help his clients go virtual Why Luis believes this is a…

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