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IoTPlaybook: The Integrator and Solution Provider's Guide to Profiting from the Internet of Things

IoT Playbook offers cutting-edge guidance on trends and opportunities in everything from sensors, software, and gateways to “smart” offices and cities. It reaches tens of thousands of North American providers of audio, control, digital signage, IT networking, business continuity, cybersecurity, surveillance, unified communication, mount, cabling, energy, cooling, and other solutions. 

In simple terms, this site and podcast is dedicated to MSPs who want to jump in on the multi-billion-dollar opportunity in the IoT managed services space. And for IoT vendors who want to build an IoT-ready channel that can sell their solutions today. 

About the Host

Mark Smith has been in IT for more than 25 years. Starting in software development and moving on to become an IT director. 

In 1995, Mark launched Windows NT Magazine, a media company for IT professionals that was distributed in 160 countries in 13 languages and had over 1.5M subscribers. This was eventually sold to Penton Media for $100M. 


This is a time of major transition. And major opportunity. 

IoT, AI, and intelligent edge computing have gone from academic slideware to reality, and the IT managed service providers who have jumped in early are literally making millions of dollars in recurring revenue for managing these new platforms. 

Yet most MSP’s, security, and commercial AV integrators are ignoring this opportunity. 

They are living in an old reality, where it’s all about managing PC’s & servers with a little cloud mixed in for good measure. Or generating revenue from operational technology projects with little recurring revenue. 


If this is you, you have a choice. 

You can take the blue pill and live in blissful ignorance, oblivious to the commercial IoT opportunity that is all around you. Or, like a handful of IoTMSP pioneers, you can take the red pill and open your eyes to this brand new IoT opportunity and do the hard work of figuring out how to make money from IoT, AI, intelligent edge devices and the managed services that go with all that. 


Our mission includes you. 

IoTPlaybook is on a mission to find the early IoTMSP pioneers and get them to reveal their playbooks so that you benefit from the lessons they’ve learned from the hard way. 

Playbooks that show you the strategies, the business models, the technology stack, the marketing & sales angles, and everything else you need to succeed with each IoT managed service we cover. 

Playbooks that you can apply in your business right now. 

The IoTMSP’s we interview are already making millions in verticals like agribusiness, education, cybersecurity, medical, smart cities, smart buildings plus offering horizontal managed services that will work in any market. 

You may think there are only a handful of success stories in this field, or you may think your ability to take advantage of this trend is limited by your time, technical abilities or resources. 

Both assumptions are false. 

Hear from MSP’s like yourself, who have been able to go from nothing to over $100k in IoT Managed Services in as little as a week. 

Now if you haven’t made any money from IoT Managed services yet, it’s not your fault. 

The current remote monitoring & management tools that were developed for a PC-centric network do NOT allow you to discover IoT, and therefore, you can’t monitor or manage non-PC devices, like surveillance cameras, access control, HVAC, smart lighting, from a single pane of glass. 

IoT Playbook will introduce you to a whole new set of tools and solutions that will allow you to get launched into this new opportunity. 

Plus, you can go to FreeIoTClass.com where we teach you three IoT managed services you can launch right now with very little upfront investment. 

In this free class, Luis Alvarez, an MSSP in Salinas, CA shares the story about how he discovered these IoT managed services and how selling these services has added over 7-figures of high-margin recurring revenue to his business. 


Vendors play a critical role. 

If you’re an IoT vendor in need of growing an IT channel, we’ll show you how to build a channel of business partners who are ready to start selling and integrating your IoT solutions today. 

Join us on this IoT journey where together, we’ll discover how you can add IoT managed services to your business and help your current & future clients take their business to the next level. 


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